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Our History

Since 2004

Peacocks has been an icon in the Cabo dining scene since 1990. We brought the European touch to Cabo dining and helped jump start a whole new dining culture in Cabo.

We totally embrace the ultra fresh and organic approach. We own our own organic farm in Pescadero, a coastal farming community near by, which supplies the restaurant with the best quality vegetables you can imagine. Our fish is supplied by a small group of fishermen who supply us the best of the non-commercial fish like cabrilla, pargo and red snapper. Our meats are from a ranch in Sonora who does not use antibiotics and growth hormones nor GMO corn in their feedlots.

Our menu can best be described as food without frontiers. We try to create a dining experience starting with the best ingredients around that embraces a variety of ethnic flavors and trends all with very pleasing plate presentations. You will love what we serve.

We specialize in private events and corporate outings. The setting is fantastic for those events. We are very flexible in tailoring the menu to your needs and budget.

Enjoy and we hope to hear from you.

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Our Culinary Philosophy

Enjoy what you eat

Our cuisine is best described as "Food without frontiers". We look towards all types of ethnic cuisines to inspire us for our recipes: Classic Mediterranean dishes as well as Asian seasoning and presentations are all present in our cuisine. Then we wrap it up with the best elements of the wonderful and complex Mexican cuisine. Our dishes are truly amazing.

What our customers say

  • LaurieFreedle

    “You Can't Help But Feel Romanced!”

    One of the most amazing places I've eaten. From the outside, it doesn't look that special, but inside, it has a roofless view of the night sky, a beautiful fire pit, lush plants all around that provide a little privacy. The food was fabulous, and unique. The service excellent, and the evening enchanting.

    LaurieFreedle TripAdvisor level 3 contributor
  • Belizabeth

    “A Definite Standout in a Secret Garden”

    I happened upon this place while on a morning run with my friend. I was captured by the appearance of a secret garden a couple blocks from the water. On a walk by the next day, the doors were open so we decided to take a peek inside and found Julien who welcomed us to take a look around. The place was fantastic on the inside - there was a fire pit area to have cocktails, al fresco dining with lanterns hung on the trees and indoor dining with rich wooden tables.
    We quickly made our reservation for our last night in town. I wish we had happened upon this gem sooner because it was our best meal all week!
    The wine selection was terrific and Julien was knowledgable and helpful in our selection. The menu was eclectic in an enticing way. We were hard pressed to decide on meals. We started with gazpacho and a mixed greens salad with grapefruit and avocado - both were fresh and fantastic. I have not had gazpacho as good since I visited Spain.
    For the main course I had fettuccini peacocks which was out of this world! The cajun style chicken married with the flavors of sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and feta in pesto was absolutely delicious. My friend had the shrimp with spinach-ricotta ravioli, she was hesitant about the pumpkin flower sauce, but all doubts melted away with the first bite. The shrimp was grilled and seasoned well which played nicely against the ravioli. We both raved about our meals which were the best each of us had enjoyed in Cabo and the states in quite some time.
    I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a special meal. Here you will not find the usual in-town merriment, it is a bit more sophisticated for Cabo and a better option then some of the high end restaurants at the resorts. If you get a chance, don't miss this one or you will be missing one of Cabo's treasures!
    Visited April 2016

    Belizabeth TripAdvisor Level 4 contributor
  • lynnd13travels


    Delicious food interestingly prepared. This is not for the steak and potatoes crowd. If you welcome different, then this is what you will get. Our entire table of 8 was pleased with each dish as it was quite fresh with surprising flavors. The setting has an exotic flair. Our waiter explained that they have been there for 26 years. Long standing restaurant in a tourist town...
    Visited March 2016

    lynnd13travels TripAdvisor level 3 contributor
  • Lori F

    “Beautiful setting for dinner”

    We wanted a nice dinner to finish our trip. I am so glad that we picked to come here. The atmosphere could not be any more romantic, the wine was delicious, the service superb, and my dinner fantastic. I ordered the yellow tail catch of the day. I have never had fresher fish. I do not remember his name but he was the one in charge of the wine, he was so kind and such a gentleman. He made dinner that much more special.
    Visited March 2016

    Lori F TripAdvisor level 4 contributor
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